Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Things are as busy as ever with little Nita. She's quickly acquiring some essential life skills. She can now wriggle out of a lap, grab interesting items near her face and put them in her mouth, and fuss convincingly about nothing at all. It's fun to watch her learning. She still hasn't rolled over, but it's not for lack of trying! At about 17 pounds, she's got a lot of weight to move... so we'll just have to be patient.

A few weeks ago, we had Nita's baby dedication at church. (For you Catholics and Presbyterians, this is the Baptist equivalent of a christening or infant baptism.) My grandmother's wedding dress was made into a baby gown, and Nita was the first great-grandchild to wear it! It was beautiful, very royal-family-esque. Our church was pretty impressed with family attendance - we're so fortunate to have family members who really want to be around for special events and can make the trip. Thanks guys!

Nita is also making a few friends. Addison and Kate are only a few weeks younger than Nita, and their moms are friends of mine. We've also been to little Ellie's first birthday party, cousin Corinne's second birthday party, and tomorrow we have a swim date with Shelby (10 months) and Turner (20 months). I'm so glad to be able to hang out with some mom friends... it has been quite a transition from the work scene.

We have picked up one funny/bad habit lately (besides NOT sleeping at night) ... Nita thinks coughing is hilarious! Not a polite 'hmm-hmm' cough. I mean a hacking 'just sucked some potato chips down the wrong pipe' cough. Sam does this on purpose to get a laugh, which is fine. I'm just hoping that she doesn't end up cackling at a scared peer who has just gone under water accidentally. That could definetley send the wrong message and cost me a few mommy friends.

Here are a few pics:
...and I'll have a side of fried pickles and a sweet tea...

Being naked is fabulous!

A little more personal space if you please.

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barb_cooper said...

Love the pictures especially the last one with the lamb. She is such a doll. So precious. I don't see how you keep from eating her up. Glad she is making friends and you are enjoying some fun days with other moms.